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AMENDT STAIR FRAMING offers affordable pricing and quality work for all of your stair construction needs. Discover our gallery and we hope that we can meet your needs for your next stair remodel or construction project and as big as you imagination can go.

Before - After Stair
Here you can see an example of our before and after work.
Conventional Stair
The most common of all stair systems. The rise and run are cut out of multiple 2 x 12's or 2 x 14's. Plywood strips are then used for the treads and...
Free Standing Radius Stair
This is simply a radius stair that you laminate a beam to. Laminating a beam is time consumming and intricate. The plus side is you can then remove ...
Hybrid Stair
A term for any stair that uses two or more different types of stair systems. Ie: A radius mixed with a conventional system or a radius mixed with a b...
Mid Landing Conventional Stair
Any conventional stair system that has a landing or deck incorporated in it (the landing(s) can range from all sizes and may include a radius).
Other Stair
Radius Stair
A radius stair system starts with an X and a Y axis to give you a radius point or points. Which will then give you the radius. Although you only nee...
Straight Run Conventional Stair
A conventional stair that runs straight up to the second floor (no landing). Replacing beam sets (which were popular in the 70's) with a conventional...